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How do you know if you have a bunion? If the joint connecting your big toe to your foot has a painful and swollen bump, you may have a bunion. The enlargement that is seen is actually a misalignment of the big toe joint.

There are many things that can lead to bunion formation. One of the causes is having abnormal biomechanics like overpronation of the foot. Other causes are Podiatric Surgeon Skellytown TX 79080 previous sprains, fractures, nerve injuries, loose ligaments, and low muscle tone. Genetics also plays a role in bunion formation. The risk is increased if other members of the family have bunions. Gout and rheumatoid arthritis is also said to be associated with the condition.

Using poorly fitting shoes is likely to make an existing bunion worse. High heels also cause considerable strain on the toe joint because they tend to Skellytown TX 79080 push your body weight onto the front of the foot.

Below are home treatments for bunions that can ease the pain and discomfort.

Taking nonprescription medicines such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen following the recommended dose can help relieve toe pain. Elevating the foot can help reduce inflammation. Applying ice to the painful joint is another way to ease pain.

Using orthotics, arch supports, or bunion pads at the bottom of the foot Podiatric Surgeon Skellytown TX 79080 redistributes weight and takes the pressure off the big toe.

If possible, use custom made shoes to ensure proper fit. Another way is to use shoes with a bigger toe box. There should be enough space between the tip of the longest toe to the end of the shoe. The shoes should not squeeze any part of the foot and should be roomy enough for the toes. Switching to sandals Skellytown TX 79080 instead of closed shoes can leave the painful area of the foot exposed.

Pads inside the shoes or foam rubber cut into a doughnut shape with the hole for the bunion is another easy but effective home remedy.

Avoid activities that put pressure on the foot, especially the big toe. All these can help with bunion relief.

However, bear in mind that the only definitive treatment for bunions is bunion surgery. Bunions Skellytown TX 79080 that are left untreated will likely get bigger and cause more pain. The purpose of surgery is to fix the alignment of the big toe. If these home remedies fail to provide relief, then it may be time to see a podiatrist. Modern and virtually painless treatments are now available, as well as scarless bunion surgery.

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