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You have already decided that you are going to have foot surgery. Now there are things that you must ask your doctor before proceeding. Be sure to ask the right questions. Everyone knows to ask the basics, such as ‘where is the clinic or hospital located’ or ‘what medical treatment best fits my podiatry needs.’ There are, however, more questions and in-depth information that you Podiatric Surgeon Trafalgar IN 46181 need to consider before going through with the procedure.

How long will my surgery last?

This can vary greatly depending on your medical condition. If you are having a bunion (a severe protrusion due to a misalignment of the right toe) shaved or removed, the time frame, about one hour, is significantly quicker than other more invasive procedures. 2-3 hours or more must be dedicated to tendon Trafalgar IN 46181 work or deformity correction.

Will it hurt?

Everyone’s first thought would be yes. The process, however, has been designed to be as comfortable as possible. For something as simple as a bunion shaving, you will be given a local anesthetic that will deaden your entire foot. In these instances, you will be placed into a ‘twilight state’ via IV medications. If you are having a more complicated Podiatric Surgeon Trafalgar IN 46181 foot surgery, you will be under general anesthetic, meaning that you will be completely asleep. After the operation, you will generally spend an hour in recovery where you are given IV medications to control pain. Upon discharge, you will be given narcotic pain medications for at least the first few days after your foot surgery. Keep in mind that narcotics can be very addictive and, Trafalgar IN 46181 especially if you have a family history of addiction, do not use the narcotics more than needed.

Will the surgery fix my problems?

This is tricky for even the doctor to answer. Many procedures, like a bunion shaving, can be given a definite success rate. When going into the uncharted waters of deformity correction or tendon/ligament repair, the success rate can vary. Much of this will depend Trafalgar IN 46181 on circumstantial factors. Patients may see their recovery affected by age, weight, general health, and many other factors. Discuss all of these with your doctor to give you a better understanding of what to expect after your foot surgery.

What is the recovery time?

Generally it is around 1-2 weeks before you can return to work though you may still be feeling some discomfort for some time. Trafalgar IN 46181 Keep in mind that if your right foot needs surgical attention, then you will not be able to drive at all until you regain complete mobility and control of the foot. Know exactly how much downtime you will need before you schedule a procedure.

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