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What are bunions?

As anyone who has ever had one will know, coping with a bunion can be a painful experience. Bunions form on the inside edge of the main joint of the big toe. There is a lump on the inside of the big toe joint with the big toe pointing outwards. This causes pain as the lump rubs against footwear. As it Podiatric Surgeon Whitesburg KY 41858 progresses it can be difficult to get shoes that fit and the big toe can rub against the second toe, causing it to bend (a hammer toe).

How do bunions form?

Most bunions run in families although every person may not be affected. Footwear probably has some factor in this and the fit of shoes definitely affects symptoms. There are other causes that can result Whitesburg KY 41858 in the formation of bunions, such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Over time, this condition can get gradually worse and can then go on to cause additional problems, including big toe arthritis and hammer toes.

What problems do bunions lead to?

Bunions worsen with time although deterioration can be slow. Over time they can cause arthritis of the big toe joint. Other problems can be caused by bunions. Podiatric Surgeon Whitesburg KY 41858 As the bunion worsens the big toe metatarsal elevates putting more pressure onto the ball of foot causing pain (metatarsalgia). With time corns will develop on the underside of the foot. The big toe (hallux) presses against the second toe which can be painful, especially if soft corns develop. With time the second toe will bend and contract (hammer toe).

This can also rub Whitesburg KY 41858 against the top of a shoe as well as making the metatarsalgia worse. The speed at which a bunion deteriorates may accelerate as a hammer toe develops as the second toe can act as a supporting buttress. Hammering may also develop in all the other small (lesser) toes.

Getting fast and effective treatment

If bunions are affecting your quality of life through pain or difficulty Whitesburg KY 41858 in fitting into shoes, It is important to consider treatment for your bunions, not only to relieve the pain but also to reduce the risk of any re-occurring or additional problems.

Treatment can be either with or without an operation. This could include toe realignment through open bunion surgery, which is a procedure also known as a scarf osteotomy, or could be through carrying Whitesburg KY 41858 out keyhole bunion surgery, which is minimally invasive and usually extremely effective.

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